From the album 01

Written by Elli Hart

Drums: Tom Salter
Bass and Background Vocals: Gord Light
Lead Guitar: Lane Arndt
Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar: Elli Hart

Recorded at Infiniti Studios in Victoria, BC
Mixed and Engineered by Adam Sutherland
Mastered by Brock Mcfarlane at CPS Mastering
Album design by Jess Eva Paffard at Creative Owl Designs


Walked up behind you and took your hand in mine
Took a sip of my wine
Hold back the words from another place and time
Couldn’t find a reason why
Why I console you, why I define your jagged lines

Alll, Alll, the time (Jagged Lines)
Alll, Alll, the time (Jagged Lines)
Alll, All, the time

I hear the words of a stubborn man
It don’t matter where you stand
I sit and watch as the crow flies by
They’ve got murder in their eyes
They won’t console you, they won’t define your jagged lines